TAEA Licensing of Nuclear Plant

     The Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEA) not only inspects and evaluates information and documents but also is controlled some important activities and tests are conducted by founder, evaluates the test results and if necessary, it may request to repeat the tests.

   Before each stage, it is necessary to submit technical information and documents which detailed in national regulation, are necessary submitted with appeal to TAEA by founder to take authority. Safety Analysis Report which information and document presented in the form of a report, it is contains all measures taken in nuclear facility, applicable standards, rules and prepared detailed analysis and information relevant to all utilities to apply.

       The licenses required to open the nuclear plant are listed below:

• Operating License

• Construction License

• Site License

      The process of licensing nuclear facilities in our country is based on the content of the "Regulation on the Licensing of Nuclear Facilities" which is published in 1983. The main steps of the licensing process described in the Regulation on Licensing Nuclear Installations are shown below in Figure 1 and Figure 2.


Figure 1 Nuclear Plant Licensing Process 1


Figure 2 Nuclear Plant Licensing Process 2

      Responsibility which is always on the person who will founder or operate of the plant, it is about nuclear safety and nuclear security in nuclear plant. A specific licensing process is required for a nuclear plant to be built and operated. Licensing guarantee that the responsible person takes all precautions required by the regulation, compliance with quality and standard safety and regulations.

    TAEA controls nuclear power plants to ensure that protection nuclear plant employees and the public from the harmful effects of radiation. This controls are carried out with nuclear safety and security, building plant, assessment of site and facility sufficiency, licensing and supervision.

Regulation, Guidelines and Standards To Be Basis For Licensing:

      Nuclear safety regulation may change by type of reactor and intended design. Besides, it is necessary to have a great deal of knowledge about the type of reactor and the design to be able to write national regulation. For this reason, countries that have built a nuclear power plant for the first time, it is required support the regulation, guidelines and standards with documents with national and international validity which is in valid.

        The list of regulation to be used in the licensing process of nuclear power plants in Turkey, that shall be established according to the following priority order by company that will build nuclear plant and it will be submitted to TAEA's approval by “Guideline and Standards for the Licensing of Nuclear Power Plants and the Directive on Determination of the Reference Plant” which is instruction of TAEA.

• The regulation of the Republic of Turkey,

• In the "Criteria" and "Requirements" categories in the Safety Standards Series of International Atomic Energy Agency

• If (i) and (ii) are not adequately regulated, the regulation on nuclear safety in valid belonging to designer country,

• If (i),(ii) and (iii) are not adequately regulated, the regulation on nuclear safety in valid belonging to another country,

     The list will include guidelines and standards in addition to the regulation.

Reference Plant

      It will be an important support that a reference reactor is being thoroughly evaluated and licensed by a competent licensing authority to carry out the licensing activity in a healthy way for the first time in the nuclear power plant to be built in countries. In this case, to comparison between the reactor and the reference reactor is provided faster licensing.

      For this purpose, according to the TAEA's "Legislation, Guidelines and Standards for the Licensing of Nuclear Power Plants and Reference Directive on Determination of the Reference Plant", reference plant of nuclear power plant to be built in Turkey is suggest to TAEA by founder. security analysis documents of the reference plant, security evaluation documents, regulation used in licensing, guidelines and standards, differences between the reference reactor and the reactor to be built and safety assessments of these differences are supported to TAEA during licensing process.


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