Nuclear Safety Research

       The relevant safety criteria are to be based on the dynamic requirements of the Atomic Energy Act (AtG) according to the state of the art in science and technology. At present, TSO Turkey is the only non-profit organization in Turkey that enters in the fields relevant to reactor safety that is necessary to conduct interdisciplinary analyses.

       At the beginning of 2015, TSO Turkey signed a cooperation agreement with GRS (Die Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit) from Germany, to become Turkey’s leading technical Safety and Support Organization and in the concept of this agreement TSO Turkey will have safety and research codes and also experience of reactor safety, radiation and environment protection and waste management.

     TSO Turkey benefits from GRS profound experience and also well-tried instruments to allow a quick and largely independent response to all essential plant-specific and general issues related to reactor safety. Moreover, this cooperation has the special advantage of being able to directly consider the national and international development trends, which are comprehensively registered and evaluated by TSO Turkey and GRS, in their analyses.

     The competence fields “Safety-, Reliability- and System Technology”, “Operating Experience”, “Structure Reliability” and “Safety Management” are mainly directed towards engineering sciences. They continue to be important for the operation of the NPPs and have to be further developed due to the harmonization of the European safety requirements within the framework of the EU enlargement processes. In the next years, a decrease in topical questions is not to be expected. At present, there are rather signs of an increase.

      The competence fields “Core Behavior”, “Transients and Leakages in the Cooling System”, “Core Melt Processes in the Cooling System” and “Accident Behavior Containment” are rather oriented towards the related R&D, in particular to the development of methods. On their basis, the respective application-oriented work is considered in the interdisciplinary analyses in support of the federal supervision.