Core Behavior

The Field of Work of Core Behaviour at TSO Turkey

        To analyse the behaviour of the reactor core and its components from a safety-related point of view not only during normal specified operation but also during incidents and under accident conditions will be one of the major fields of activity of reactor safety research at TSO Turkey.In the specialist field of core behaviour, the engineers work on the following tasks:

• Provision of nuclear data for safety-related analyses of core and fuel assembly behaviour

• Safety-related analysis of new operating modes of light water reactors (e.g. the assessment of optimisation measures, increase of capacity and burnup, use of MOX fuel and use of new corrosion-proof cladding materials, etc.)

• Development of new calculation methods to meet the stricter requirements for accuracy and validity

• Review of the safety concepts of new, advanced reactor types, such as Generation-III reactor types, but also of GEN-IV concepts

• Systematic registration of uncertainties and sensitivities in nuclear computation systems

    TSO Turkey is newly existed in these working fields but with major support of GRS in short time TSO Turkey’s experince will increase and research activities will be triggered by national and international benchmarks and co-operative efforts in this field.

Simulation Codes for Modelling Core Behaviour


     TSO Turkey is signed a code transfer agreement with GRS and currently these codes are obtained for GRS. In a short time, TSO Turkey will start safety analysis of nuclear reactor which are going to build or being planned to built in Turkey. In future, TSO Turkey will develop new safety analysis and assessment softwares and will be first corporation in Turkey and Middle-East.