Our power industry discharges minimal quantities of chemical or radioactive substances into the biosphere. The contaminants disperse with the wind and may partly also deposit in the ground. It is important to follow these substances and investigate the effects. By investigating these effects, developing different emergency preparedness strategies and emergency interventions are possible and can prevent people’s heath and our environment.

     TSO Turkey has developed militaristic and civilian CBRN simulations and software over a decade with the support of several partners such as Indra and Hacettepe University. Our CBRN simulations use Lagrange atmospheric dispersion model and include wind, height, and profile of terrain to simulate dispersions.

     Currently TSO Turkey is working on adding new atmospheric models like Eulerian and Gaussian, upgrading CBRN libraries and emergency response software. TSO Turkey has also designed and manufactured CBRN calculation hardware for corporations and facilities.

     TSO Turkey is the major provider of software, information and emergency management systems for the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD).