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      TTSO is established to support and improve nuclear activities in Turkey and in world. The main goal of TTSO is protecting people and environment from any nuclear technological hazards. TTSOs' headquarter is located in Ankara with a branch in Istanbul. In 2016, we will establish second branch to expand its work on waste management. TTSO signed in 2015 strategic partnership with GRS (Nuclear Safety Expertise) and L3 Mapps (FSS) to acquire experience, technical support and get involved in the international nuclear network of the TSO. Currently TTSO had around 42 staff, of which about 35 were scientific and technical experts such as engineers, computer scientists, biologists and legal experts. Between 2016-2018, TTSO will hire physicists, chemists, geoscientists, mathematicians and meteorologists.

      TTSO does assessment, improvement, research and development activities in nuclear safety, waste management, radiation protection and quality control for local and international regulatory bodies, companies, universities and research centers. Also TTSO gives support service for any demand in nuclear field.