The phenomena called CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) concept consists on materials or particules that have contamination risk to the enviroment and people.. These contamination can be as natural source like plague or uranium mines or human-made sources like factory wastes, nuclear wastes or weapon of mass destruction. Not only n-being prepared to these events and dangers but also making emergency intervention is important for countries. To achieve this goal, softwares are commonly used.

      TSO Turkey is prepared CBRN IS to be used in CBRN events such as nuclear weapon usage, chemical leakages or spills, biological wars etc. The ability of the system is that when some necessary information such as location, time, the CBRN agent name that causes the event etc. are entered to the system, the system can make the spread drawing of the contamination. Additionally, if the population data of the contamination area exists, the system can make a data analysis and it can show how many people will be affected from that event. In the program, it is also possible to manage the CBRN intervention team tasks and plans.