The thermal-hydraulic system code ATHLET (Analysis of THermal-hydraulics of LEaks and Transients) is being developed by GRS for the analysis of the whole spectrum of leaks and transients in PWRs and BWRs. The code is applicable for western reactor designs as well as for Russian VVER and RBMK reactors. The main code features are advanced thermal-hydraulics, a modular code architecture, the separation between physical models and numerical methods, and the availability of pre- and post-processing tools. ATHLET is composed of several basic modules for the simulation of the different phenomena involved in the operation of a light water reactor, including thermal-fluiddynamics (TFD), heat transfer and heat conduction (HECU), neutron kinetics (NEUKIN) and control and balance-of-plant (GCSM), together with the fully implicit numerical time integration method FEBE. Other independent modules (e.g. 3D neutron kinetics or containment modules) can be coupled by means of a general interface.

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